1950 Ford F6
Price: Sold
VMC Stock ID: 132132
Mileage: 5671
VIN: 98RTH-362766
Engine: 239 cubic inch flathead V8
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Gear Ratio: Dual Range
Wheelbase: 158 inches
Wheels: 20-inch steel wheels
Tires: 7.50-20 Denman truck tire
Exterior Color: Meadow Green
Interior Color: Tan leatherette

1950 Ford F6

With a 4-speed manual transmission and the dual-range rear axle, it can move massive amounts of cargo without effort, and cruises pretty happily at 45 MPH in top gear.
J. J. Best Banc & Co.

Trucks seem to be The Next Big Thing in the collector car world, and already we’re seeing prices inching up on these workhorses that were overlooked for decades. But don’t fret, there are still bargains to be found, and this awesome 1950 Ford F6 2-ton truck offers perhaps the most steel for your dollar in the collector car world.

Originally delivered to the town of Damariscotta, Maine on April 11, 1950, this Ford F6 included options like the dual speed rear end and upgraded tires, with a sticker price adding up to a whopping $1673.58. Of course, it was a bare chassis, painted Meadow Green, but the city of Damariscotta promptly painted it red and installed a fire truck body on it, then put it to work for the next four decades. Over that time, it covered a scant 5000 miles, until it was retired sometime in the 1990s. Sometime after that, the complete but faded truck was discovered, the fire engine bed was stripped, and the F6 was cosmetically restored inside and out. Of course, with just over 5000 original miles, there was really no need for any mechanical refurbishing, although things like the brakes, wheels, tires, and driveshaft were replaced. A new oak stake bed was built from scratch, and it was returned to duty on the show field, where it collected a good number of prizes along the way.

Today, it remains in very good condition, and despite its great size, has lived indoors since the restoration was completed. The rust-free cab and front clip wear original-looking Meadow Green paint (there are actually photos of the truck in red livery yet still sporting a green dashboard) that has a lovely soft glow entirely appropriate to a vintage hauler like this. It fits together quite well, and between its relatively easy life as a fire truck and its VERY easy life following the restoration, it’s incredibly tight, straight, and clean. There’s not much chrome to speak of, but the few bright trim pieces remain excellent, and things like the grille and door hands are quite good. And, of course, all the emblems and badges are intact and in great shape. The bed, which is a newly constructed piece, features heavy-duty hardware for the stakes, stainless steel rub strips on the bed floor, and a lot of character. It could probably use a fresh coat of varnish, which is an easy winter project that will pay BIG dividends in both value and show field performance, but it’s quite usable as-is, since the camera tends to magnify the flaws.

Old trucks rarely get the full treatment inside, but someone spent a great deal of time and money on the interior of this F6. It sports a new tan leatherette bench seat with correct burlap backing, freshly rebuilt gauges, and a wonderfully rich-looking fiberboard headliner. The speedometer offers shift point suggestions, and other items like the instructions for the 2-speed rear axle and the Mico brake lock remain as new. Turn signals have been retrofitted for safety, and the original heater still hangs under the dash with all its proper ductwork in place. Tilt the seat forward and you can access the fully restored gas tank and all the plastic items, like the center grille, are in excellent condition.

Interestingly enough, Ford’s flathead V8 was not the top engine in 1950 trucks, but it does provide a wonderful V8 soundtrack and a pleasant swell of torque that moves the truck easily. Never removed or rebuilt—not with only 5671 miles on the clock—it runs beautifully, although it does look a little crusty under the hood. The original carburetor, generator, and water pumps remain in place and fully functional, and thanks to a recent battery, it springs to life quickly and easily. With a 4-speed manual transmission and the dual-range rear axle, it can move massive amounts of cargo without effort, and cruises pretty happily at 45 MPH in top gear. Brakes are equally giant hydraulic drums, hidden behind industrial-strength 20-inch steel wheels wearing recent Denman 20-inch truck tires.

Documentation includes things like the original purchase order and lots of restoration photos.

If you have a place to store it, this awesome Ford makes an incredible statement, and it remains completely functional as a truck. There’s nothing too big you can’t carry it home from Home Depot, and nothing encourages truck envy like this heavy-duty F6. It’s also a lot of fun to drive, with a commanding view of the road and an strong, indestructible feeling about it. If that’s your kind of fun, this is a fantastic truck with a great history, available for a very reasonable price.

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