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I would like to thank Lee and Debbie for their help with my first step into buying a car online and shipping it to England. I had looked online before, but you hear about people being ripped off all the time. Anyway, I did some research and decided to put my trust in Vintage Motor Cars and I'm glad I did. The car I bought (a 1948 Studebaker) was just as they had said in their advert. I am very pleased with it. I would be happy to recommend this company if you are looking to buy a classic car.

Thanking you again,

J. Kiggins
Nottinghamshire England


I want to thank you and the people at Vintage Motor Cars for helping to make our father's 90th birthday a special occasion. We had 160 family members and friends travel to Columbus for the weekend event. We gave him the car on Friday night after dinner. He was stunned. The 1941 Plymouth Convertible was perfect. He owned (earlier in life) the exact model and color. He was so happy.

I appreciate the professional manner in which you handled this transaction. You were extremely helpful and accommodating every step of the way. This was our first purchase of a vintage car. Your knowledge and willingness to answer questions made the process easy.

Thank you again.

Warm regards,

M. Hackman
Los Angeles, CA

Hello Matt,

The '96 Mark VIII arrived safely today. What a beauty ! The interior looks barely used and even better than the photos that were posted. Thanks again for getting me this car in a timely manner and moreover, thank you for providing such nice automobiles on your Web Site.

Best Regards,

Peter K.
Bedford, MA

I was recently faced with having to sell my 1967 Ford Mustang GTA fastback. I was very unfamiliar with the workings of the internet and afraid to use Ebay thinking that I would become the victim of a scam. I was left to ponder how to sell my most prized possession when my father-in-law suggested Vintage Motor Cars. When I called, I talked to Matt Harwood, who proceeded to explain to me the process of selling my car. Reluctantly, I had Matt come to my house, not really knowing what to expect. I was on the defensive as Matt came up my driveway, but I was immediately impressed by his knowledge of my particular car, as if he had studied up on it before coming over. In later conversations, I realized that his knowledge of cars was absolutely remarkable.

After taking all the pictures, I was still uncertain whether to try and sell it myself or use Vintage, and Matt told me that if I still wanted to sell the car myself, he would still help me. I went back in the house and pondered what to do, and after a few days, I called Matt and entrusted my car to Vintage Motor Cars.

Within a few weeks, there were many inquiries about my car, and any time I had concerns I would call Matt and he would always settle my nerves. One time a potential buyer sent an inspector out to look at the car, and Lee Wolff came to my house to supervise the inspection. When I refused to let the inspector drive the car due to snow and salt on the roads, Lee stood by my side and reiterated that the car would not leave the driveway in a snow storm.

Once the car was sold, Matt kept his word that the car would not leave nor would title be transferred until the check cleared the bank. Vintage also helped with shipping to the car's new home in Alaska.

In conclusion, I would like to say that even though this world is filled with many dishonest people, it is always refreshing to find two gentlemen who are completely honest and forthright. When I dropped off my car at the Vintage shop to be shipped, I told Matt how nice it is to find someone honest and how he had restored my faith in humanity, at least for a little bit.

David W.
Mayfield Heights, OH


I got your email yesterday about the Sellers thanking me. Please pass on my regards. Their (big) baby will be well cared for and bring a lot a people smiles down here in Orlando.

It has been a pleasure dealing with you. I would recommend you in a minute and hope to work with you again sometime. You have made what can often be a stressful experience fun, which is the point of messing with old cars.

Best Regards,

Chris Murphy

Hi Matt and Lee

As you can see, Santa's sleigh has arrived just in time to pass out toys. Matt thank you for calling the vehicle straight, the only thing I don't understand is why they put an 8 volt battery in a 6 volt system, that could have an effect as to why lights don't work. Lee thank you for all your help in getting it here. I'll send you a picture of her when shes a 10 out of 10.

To both of you and your.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Hi Lee

Well Santa Big Red Sled made it home here in Western Australia. We have been out cruising in the evening looking at all the Christmas lights. It summer time here great for top down driving. Boy the Cadillac really turns heads over here. It the first time I have had someone blow me a kiss and shout bellissimo Yes we have Italians in aus. The car looks and goes great. All my family and friends love it. It will have and extra 500 miles by the end of Christmas but as I say the more fuel you burn the more fun you have. Merry Christmas Lee and do nice to do business with you.

Kind Regards

Reg Toohey



Yesterday I took the Buick out for it's first drive. I made it exactly 12 miles before one of the new harden valve seats came loose. It seems that adding harden valve seats is never a good idea, especially on Buicks that never need it. It happened while I was hardly moving, so I'm hoping that the damage is limited to the head and the valve(s). hate to bother you with this because i know that the problem is not your or the sellers fault. Nevertheless, I paid a lot of money for this car and it would be nice to get some relief from the machine shop who performed the head work on this car. At the very least, I'm going to have locate two heads and have them rebuilt (sans harden seats). I could never take a chance on fixing one seat on the hope and prayer the one of the remaining 15 seats wouldn't do the same. If it happened at high RPM, it would be catastrophic. It's really a shame because this is the first car I've ever bought sight unseen that was exactly as advertised. By the way, I'll be happy to recommend your business it there is some forum you have for doing so. The only mechanical thing it needed was to replace the Torque Ball seals. They leak pretty bad when it sits for a long time. This is to be expected on a car with so few miles. I haven't driven it since I brought it home because I needed to get the car registered and was doing some minor things to the car such as replacing the front shocks and sway bar bushings as well as installing wide white wall radial tires. If you think the car drove well before you would be astounded on how well it drives now. (Or I should say, how it did drive.) I'll be taking pictures of the tear-down and will behappy to send them to you if you like.

Regards, Ken

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