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1914 Ford Model T Touring - Sold
VMC Stock ID: 1914FORD
Mileage: 0
VIN: 4-speed planetary
Engine: 1774
Transmission: 4-speed planetary
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black Leather
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1914 Ford Model T Touring

Their reliable mechanicals and reasonable cost make them ideal “starter” collectibles for the person who wants to get into the antique car hobby.
J. J. Best Banc & Co.

With some early models now being more than a century old, the Ford Model T continues to endure as one of the most beloved, recognizable cars ever built, surpassed perhaps only by the ubiquitous VW Beetle. Their reliable mechanicals, reasonable cost, and honest personality makes them ideal “starter” collectibles for the person who wants to get into the antique car hobby without a huge investment. Parts are plentiful, and only a moderate knowledge of things mechanical is required to keep them in top running condition.

This 1914 Model T is exactly the car most folks think of when they hear the words “Tin Lizzie.” The 3-door touring was the most popular body style in 1914, and will carry 5 passengers anywhere they’d like to go, provided they have the time. Highly original, with just a single repaint in the 1960s, it’s in exactly the right condition to drive and enjoy without worries. The original brass fittings are complete and in good condition, from the radiator to the original Ford script headlights and bulb horn. The wood is in excellent condition, including the original floors. No, it’s not show condition, but personally, I think I’d leave it as-is since everything about the car appears age-appropriate, authentic, and comfortable.

Mechanically, I doubt the engine has ever been opened and it runs very well today. As I said, these cars were built for severe use and are surprisingly reliable despite their age. The engine does show signs of regular maintenance including recent plugs, wires, and carburetor work. It fires up easily and runs as it should, starting using either the battery or the crank and magneto if you insist on doing it the traditional way. The condition of the engine compartment suggests that this car lived most of its life in a dry climate, as there is no sign of rust on the cast iron pieces. Underneath, the chassis is clean and rust-free with a new, correct muffler and exhaust system recently installed. The wood spoke wheels are in very solid condition with good tires all around.

Like the rest of the car, the interior has been restored and serviced as needed. The front seat cushion has been replaced in the past, but the seatback is original and showing its age. The rear seat back has also been replaced, probably at the same time as the front seat, but the cushion may need to be replaced if the car will be placed into regular service. Up front there’s a newer Ford script floor mat and an accessory 60 MPH Stewart speedometer. The top appears newer and in good condition.

This is a solid, honest brass-era Model T that still has a lot of life left in it. Delivery to Hershey is available. $14,900/offer.

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