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1920 Stutz Model H 7-Passenger Touring - Sold
VMC Stock ID: 132078
Mileage: 4707
VIN: 3-speed manual
Engine: 360.84
Transmission: 3-speed manual
Exterior Color: Red
Interior Color: Tan Leather and Vinyl
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1920 Stutz Model H 7-Passenger Touring

The powerful Stutz Model H was well ahead of its competition in 1920, offering a unique combination of performance and luxury that could only come from the company that built the amazing Bearcat just a few years earlier.
J. J. Best Banc & Co.

With 2011 being the 100th anniversary of Stutz, the marque is seeing a nice uptick in appreciation of all their wonderful cars, not just the famous Bearcats, Blackhawks and DV32s. Always known as a sporting car for the wealthy, Stutz carved out a niche that might be comparable to Porsche today—fast, reliable, and agile cars that were also upscale, elegant, and beautifully built. Today, Stutzes represent great value, offering spirited performance and excellent build quality for less money than many of their peers. Enthusiasts often discover Stutz late in their car collecting careers, but find that once they’ve owned and driven a Stutz, few others can compare. For sheer mechanical pleasure, not many cars are as road-worthy as a well-maintained Stutz.

This 1920 Stutz Model H 7-passenger touring received a ground-up restoration several years ago, and looks fantastic in bright red with black fenders. The finish quality is excellent throughout, with professional workmanship done to a very high standard. The finish looks appropriate to the vintage of the car—no modern metallic were used, and the overall effect is exactly what Harry Stutz would have wanted: a sporty, elegant car. The black fenders show almost no road wear or scratches, and the finish has been expertly maintained since coming into this owner’s possession two years ago.

The brass era was over, and by 1920, nickel was the finish of choice for brightwork, although this particular Stutz was restored using chrome for items like the headlight rings and windshield stanchions, presenting a crisper appearance and requiring no maintenance.

The tan vinyl interior is nicely finished using period-correct patterns, although black leather was likely original equipment. Tan presents a brighter contrast, and in an open car that will surely see frequent use on sunny days, the lighter color will be much appreciated. With very few miles since the restoration was complete, the interior shows minimal wear and no damage or other issues. Both front and rear seats are firm and comfortable, and the two folding jump seats are correctly finished with plain seating surfaces. Additional features include map pockets in all four doors, rubber floor mats, and a rear foot rest. Up front, the dash offers a variety of gauges monitoring oil pressure, amps, and speed, as well as the controls for the ignition. Stutz continued to use right-hand drive until 1922, as well as a throttle mounted between the brake and clutch pedals, giving this one a unique driving style that is nevertheless easy to master. Overhead there’s a new black canvas top, and the rear-mounted trunk holds two fitted suitcases for touring.

The engine is a massive 360 cubic inch inline-four cylinder that uses a T-head configuration with four valves per cylinder. The multi-valve concept was advanced for the era, and gave the big Stutz remarkable performance and flexibility, generating an impressive 80 horsepower and endowing the Model H with sprightly road manners. A 3-speed manual transmission requires double-clutching, but the gates are well defined and the machinery has a very high-quality feel. The engine is nicely detailed with a black engine block and extensive use of cast aluminum and brass fittings, plus dual spark plugs fed by twin distributors. Separating the intake and exhaust systems on either side of the block virtually eliminates vapor lock, and thanks to an electric fuel pump upgrade, this one starts easily and cruises effortlessly. That the use of priming cups and the nature of the fuel system make this Stutz a car for the hands-on hobbyist, but the hardware is durable and reliable when operated correctly. Braking is via two-wheel mechanical brakes acting on the rear wheels, so plan your stops accordingly, and it rides on a recent set of 6.00-20 BFGoodrich Silvertown whitewall tires.

The powerful Stutz Model H was well ahead of its competition in 1920, offering a unique combination of performance and luxury that could only come from the company that built the amazing Bearcat just a few years earlier. As a Full Classic, this car is eligible for a wide variety of CCCA tours and events, and was invited to attend the 2008 Kirkland, Washington Concours d’Elegance. The thrill of thundering along behind the wheel of a large-displacement nickel era car is unmatched by any other in motoring, and this car represents an opportunity to own a large, open Stutz for a very reasonable price.

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